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Nicole Ocean, Lead Instructor & Founder


As a national speaker, certified real estate instructor, BPO trainer and coach, Nicole has been teaching real estate professionals all over the United States for the last 15+ years. Nicole has helped thousands of BPO and REO agents and brokers build and automate their businesses to levels previously never achieved. As a speaker, Nicole is accustomed to speaking in both small settings from one-hour virtual training sessions to day long classes of hundreds of people within a group setting. Click here to view Nicole's resume.

As the founder of BPO University and founder of BPO Automation Group, Nicole is a career BPO professional and a previously state-certified real estate instructor. Both companies have used her first-hand industry knowledge and personal experience to incorporate industry best-practices into all of the company's products.

Nicole has been in the 'BPO trenches' herself as an independent BPO Agent/Realtor as well as a team leader. She knows the true value of having efficient systems, proven tools and processes set up. When you learn from a live class or from our virtual coaching material that the BPO University has to offer, you benefit directly from our first-hand background knowledge and direct industry experience. Nicole wouldn't want it any other way!

Take confidence from the fact that Nicole has worked for over 35+ BPO, REO and Asset management companies in the span of 5 years of being a real estate professional and during this time, she performed over 1,000 BPO orders as well as lead a BPO team.

If you want to work with someone with a proven track record, whether you are new to the BPO and REO business or a seasoned pro, Nicole is someone who's passion for the business shows in all she does.

Email Nicole: Nicole@bpo-automation.com

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